NO-Show Business Rule

  A Confirmed Prepaid / Vouchered Reservation NOT used - regardless of reason - AND not cancelled, will be considered a NO-Show.  

No-Show Business Rules

  • If a reservation is cancelled <1hr before the reserved pick up date/ time = FULL RENTAL CHARGE (voucher value).
  • Any existing reservation (live) where the reserved pick up date/ time has passed = FULL RENTAL CHARGE (voucher value).

No-Show Refunds – Exceptions

These guidelines are designed to be used as exceptions to our standard terms and conditions. Provider will require evidence the customer has been refunded before any invoice will be credited.

The customer has received a discounted rate based on making a pre-payment. Any credit or refund outside of our standard pre-payment terms and conditions is to be treated as a goodwill gesture.

This table covers most situations however discretion maybe appropriate in certain circumstances. The level of exceptions will be reviewed periodically.

  Category Sub Category Policy  
  Travel Disruption   Bereavement or hospitalizacion of an immediate family member   Refund will be Authorized    
Travel Disruption
Natural disaster or severe weather event
Refund will be Authorized
Travel Disruption
Flight Cancelation
No Refund
Travel Disruption
Flight, Diversion or Delay
EHI will endeavor to provide a vehicle to the renter. Where no vehicle was make available a refund will be authorized.
Turndown - Fleet
No Vehicle was avaialble
Refund will be authorized
Turndown - Documents
Customer did not have the required documentation at time of rental
No refund. EHI will make the vehicle available should the customer be able to produce the correct documentation.
Turndown - Identity
Customer failed to authentication or security check at time of rental. or is in the Do Not Rent List with provider
Refund will be authorized


Requests for exceptions will NOT be reviewed unless adequate documentation is provided to submit the requests to the car rental company.

Documentation for Denial of service by the car rental company, must include date, time, location and name of the car rental employees who denied the rental. Rental Agent and Manager's name will be best.