Newsletter August 2023


Debit Card Acceptance. The acceptance of Debit Cards to rent a car is subject to conditions in two areas:

  • Issued by the client's bank from their savings or checking account.
  • Account holder's name printed on the card.
  • Magnetic Strip or embedded microchip on the card.
  • Make certain that funds are available at least 48 hours prior to arrival and that the card is authorized to be used internationally.

In addition, to the above conditions for the debit card to be accepted customers must present the following documentation:

  • Non-US or Canadian Passport
  • Non-US or Canadian Driver's License
  • Roundtrip Air/Sea Itinerary for the same dates as the rental dates

To check which car classes can be rented with a Debit Card, click here for more details >>>>


No ONE-WAY fees. When booking a car with Alamo Rent A Car for a pick up and drop off within the State of Florida, there will be no ONE-WAYS added to the cost of the rental. Except on some occasions when picking up or dropping off at the port location in Cape Canaveral. When the request is completed properly our system will quote any ONE-WAY fees for any other pickup and drop-off combination.


Optional Coverages. All our rental plans include the coverage for the vehicle known as“Collision/Loss Damage Waiver”, most also include the Taxes & Fees and the “Inclusive Light Recommended” also include the Supplemental Liability Insurance.

  • CDW/LDW - Collision/Loss Damage Waiver. Covers the Rental Car in case of any damage or loss during the time of the rental if the terms and conditions of the Rental Agreement signed with the car rental company have not been violated.

Customers are required to report the accident to the nearest police department and complete an accident with the Car Rental Company as soon as possible. It is always recommended to get copies of all documents provided to the car rental company, along with a copy of the rental agreement. A replacement car after an accident is not guaranteed.

Promotional Rate Plans. From time to time, short term promotions will be put in place and announced through our marketing channels such WhatsApp, Facebook, Twitter, or our site images on the home page. To access these Promotional offers, the user will need to request the correct RENTAL PLAN associated with the promotion.